It's Blooming Tradition! A modern twirl on a southern classic, Triple Bogey brings you Azalea, a Signature Cocktail.

Every round just got even better.

Cheers to over 5,600,000 reasons (and counting) why a small but innovative family owned beverage company continues to crush it on the fairways, at the Country Clubs, on the patios, and just about everywhere in between.

More locations, more customers served, and another two NEW timeless additions to its already crazy popular Ready To Drink product family … founder Geoff Tait and the Triple Bogey Brewing Co continue to pour passion into what they love, one refreshingly original idea at a time.

(For immediate Release): Triple Bogey taps the bottom of the cup yet again with its newest ready-to drink and totally crushable cocktail, Signature Azalea. A modern twirl on a southern classic, this vodka based spirit is popping with tropical pineapple and lemon flavour – bringing the zest for golfers and cocktail lovers everywhere to attest.

Get ready to excite the senses and elevate the experience with Triple Bogey’s latest stroke of genius. Inspired by The Masters and crafted with precision and passion, this vibrant blend is a celebration of sunshine, golf, and the exhilarating spirit and traditions of the game.

What sets Signature Azalea apart? It’s the perfect fusion of premium vodka, zesty citrus, and the irresistible sweetness of pineapple, all harmonizing in a symphony of taste that excites the senses and, just like the game of golf, leaves us craving more. Every sip is a sensory delight, transporting you to the heart of Masters week with its tantalizing collage of sights, sounds, and shots.

So, what’s inside this celebrated mix? Signature Azalea combines the smoothness of premium vodka, the tropical allure of pineapple, a burst of citrus and a hint of floral sweetness, reminiscent of the iconic azaleas flowers that bloom during Masters week. It’s a refreshing blend that’s as invigorating as a brisk morning tee time and as satisfying as dropping a birdie putt to finish on 18.

“We’re thrilled to introduce Signature Azalea to golf enthusiasts and cocktail lovers alike,” offered Triple Bogey’s Founder and President, Geoff Tait. “A welcome addition to our growing RTD (Ready-To-Drink) family, Azalea fits right in and pairs perfectly with golf outings, backyard barbecues, and everything in between. Cheers to another great way to celebrate the triumphs of the game while championing the friendships that unite us all.”

Join Triple Bogey as we celebrate the spirit of golf with Signature Azalea – the perfect pairing for every round and every unforgettable moment.

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“Golf’s beer on the golf course. And now Golf’s Iconic Cocktails available in refreshing and Ready-To-Drink options. Triple Bogey’s family of golf inspired premium lagers and ready-to-crush cocktails are a staple with golfers, as common on the fairways nowadays as grass, balls, yardage markers, and sprinkler heads. It’s an absolute gimme when it comes to ensuring golfers at our facility enjoy an over-par experience!” – consensus opinion among Food & Beverage Managers. A sentiment anyone who has witnessed what a fun and irreverent golf brand can do for business on a golf course will attest.


About Triple Bogey Brewing Company:
Founded in 2014, the Triple Bogey Brewing Company has been a huge success both on and off the course. Inspired by golf and designed for the masses, Triple Bogey lagers feature Aurora and Perle hops that bring out a slight citrus flavour, while maintaining a refreshingly light and universally approved taste. Add in the crazy popular vodka based Ready-To-Drink cocktails; Transfusions (Classic & Cranberry), Half & Half Hard Lemonade & Iced Tea and Signature Azalea and Triple Bogey continues to be golfers go-to choice for refreshments both on and off the course. Triple Bogey’s cans and kegs are sold at over 400 golf courses across Ontario, Canada’s largest province, in addition to being served in excess of 800 locations; bars, restaurants, indoor golf facilities, driving ranges, and participating retail outlets. Expansion across Canada is well underway with stops and dots in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, PEI, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland & Labrador.

Triple Bogey Signature Azalea will be available spring 2024

Triple Bogey’s family of premium lagers and refreshing Ready-To-Drink cocktails includes:

  • Triple Bogey Blonde Lager (original)
  • Triple Bogey Blonde Light
  • Triple Bogey Amber
  • Hurry Hard Amber Lager (seasonal winter beer dedicated to Curlers / curling)
  • Half & Half Hard Lemonade & Iced Tea
  • Classic Transfusion
  • Cranberry Transfusion
  • Signature Azalea

“With the success of the beers and now golf’s four iconic cocktails under the Triple Bogey umbrella, our licensees and us are super excited to get things flowing. Can’t get those greens rolling fast enough. Cheers to another great year and making new friends in 2024.”
Geoff Tait

Triple Bogey Golf's Cocktails

Triple Bogey – February 6, 2024

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