Premium Lager

Triple Bogey
Original Blonde Lager

5% Alc.Vol | 473 ml | Aurora & Perle Hops | 20IBU’s | 195 Calories | 15g Carbs

Perfectly paired with all your favourite festivities and foods, Triple Bogey Blonde Lager goes down great with any meal or occasion.

Our 473ml tall boy cans sell like crazy on golf courses as well as an increasing number of bars, restaurants, LCBO locations and grocery stores.

Premium Light

Triple Bogey
Light Blonde Lager

3.9% Alc.Vol  | 473 ml | Aurora & Perle Hops | 15 IBU’s | 136 Calories | 7g Carbs

Triple Bogey Light is the perfect thirst quenching, low alcohol, low calorie brew for light beer lovers. At 3.9% and only 130 calories it’s fit for the fairways and perfect for the patio without sacrificing taste.

Smooth, crisp and refreshing with no bitterness or after-taste.

Premium Amber

Triple Bogey
Amber Lager

5% Alc.Vol | 473ml |  Aurora & Perle Hops | 20 IBU’s | 197 Calories | 15g Carbs

You asked for a great tasting, smooth, refreshing amber for those hot summer days and we delivered. Triple Bogey Amber is a full bodied, flavourful, and surprisingly light tasting lager.

Fit for the fairway and perfect for the patio, this dark beer is a fan favourite.


Triple Bogey

0.45% Alc.Vol | 355ml | Aurora and Perle Hops | 20 IBU’s | 60 Calories | 10g Carbs | 2g Sugar

Enjoy an ice cold +3 on the links without the alcohol. Same great taste as our Original Triple Blonde Bogey Lager. You will never know the difference but it will keep you happy and hydrated on the course!

Low calories, low carbs and 0.45% alcohol makes Triple Bogey Non-Alcoholic Beer a refreshing alternative both on and off the course.

Premium Seltzer

Triple Bogey
Hard Seltzer (Lime)

5% alc./vol | 473ml  | Alcoholic Malt Beverage | 140 Calories | 1g Carbs | 1g Sugar

For those of you who want the convenience of grabbing a can, but fancy a refreshing seltzer, we’ve created this just for you. Triple Bogey Hard Seltzer is light and refreshing with natural fruit flavours and only 1g of sugar, 1g of carbs.

We’ve got you covered from the links to the poolside and everywhere worth celebrating in between. Stay tuned, more flavours to come!


Triple Bogey
Half & Half
Hard Lemonade
& Iced Tea

5% Alc.Vol | 355ml | Malt Beverage

A modern twist on a timeless classic.
Triple Bogey Half & Half Hard Lemonade & Iced Tea embodies a bold blend of iconic flavours sure to refresh the senses.  #TeaOneUp

Seasonal Amber

Hurry Hard
Amber Lager

5% Alc.Vol  | 473 ml | Aurora and Perle Hops | 20 IBU’s | 197 Calories | 15g Carbs

Hurry Hard Amber Lager is a perfect complement to our extremely popular Triple Bogey Blonde Lager. Curated for those crazy curlers, this Amber can be enjoyed by all on or away from the rings.

Mild hops and the sweet taste of caramel. Hurry Hard is a perfect winter Amber.