Introducing Triple Bogey Classic Transfusion

Golf’s iconic cocktail comes to Canada.

Cheers to over 4,000,000* reasons why a small but highly innovative family owned brewing company continues to crush expectations.

More locations, more customers served, and an iconic NEW addition to the widely popular product family … founder Geoff Tait and the Triple Bogey Brewing Co continue to pour passion into what they love, one refreshingly innovative idea at a time.

* over 4,000,000 cans of our Original Lager served


This changes everything.

Stirring things up once again, the Triple Bogey Brewing Company is pleased to announce their latest refreshing creation, the Classic Transfusion! – a perfect blend of tradition and innovation.

No slow play here, fresh off of the crazy success of their 2022 release Half & Half Hard Lemonade & iced Tea, Triple Bogey has announced, sampled, and are already selling their latest concoction, a ready-to-drink version of a highly popular and beloved classic.

“We were blown away by the reaction and quick adoption of Half & Half Hard Lemonade & Iced Tea, but the response to the Transfusions, thus far, is well beyond even those numbers. Orders are ahead of samples. We’re getting creative just to meet early demand,” Geoff Tait, Owner.

The Triple Bogey Classic Transfusion combines the same bold flavours and refreshing allure of the original cocktail complete with its own modern spin, making it the perfect choice for those seeking a delicious and exciting new beverage option.

With its carefully crafted blend of ingredients, Vodka + Ginger Ale + Grape Juice + a hint of lime, the Classic Transfusion delivers that unique taste which has made it so crazy popular for generations. Ideal for those looking for a refreshing and sophisticated drink option, the Triple Bogey Classic Transfusion is easy to enjoy on the fairways, clubhouses, patios, whether at home or on the go.

Perfect Blend of Tradition and Innovation.

“It all began with beer. And we’re still a beer company at heart. Our Original Lager has now sold over 4M cans alone and we’re super proud of that. The ‘Green Can’ remains our hero, the flagship or staple if you will in our product lineup, but we’re also tapped into recognizing the rapid growth and continuing consumer interest in the Ready-to-Drink (RTD) categories. Since day one, our primary objective has always been to make products that consumers are asking for, so adding Half & Half last season and Transfusions this year, both tradition rich and highly popular golf inspired beverages, really helps round out our lineup,” Geoff Tait, Owner.

From the first tee to 19th hole confessions, golf provides ample opportunity to engage in friendly banter while enjoying a drink or three. Commonly referred to as ‘Golf’s Drink’, Transfusions have been the preferred cocktail at Golf and Country Clubs across the United States for years. And who better to bring them to Canada than Triple Bogey.

Origin unknown, highly popular Transfusions are a staple beverage at Golf & Country Club’s on both coasts, including Augusta. President Dwight D. Eisenhower was a loyalist, known to sip Transfusions at the Eldorado Country Club in California, and any Canadian who’s taken a golf trip south of the border has more than likely experienced their addictive appeal. Vodka supplies the booze, ginger ale brings some bite, while the grape juice lends the sweetness and desired electrolytes.

It’s also not possible to confirm where exactly the name Transfusion originated, though it’s widely believed to have some connection to a hangover remedy. Ginger and mild carbonation to soothe nausea, grape juice for electrolytes, and vodka to serve as hair of the dog, a combination rumored to work wonders. In essence mirroring the process of an actual life-sustaining (or changing) transfusion.

It’s about to get crazy.

Launching new products, much like achieving milestones, is a lot of fun and continues to be part of the Triple Bogey brand DNA as it celebrates this year, 2023, looking back fondly on a decade of serving up the refreshing options golfers and golfers alike have grown to love. Now available at over 800 locations, including 450+ golf clubs, courses, indoor facilities, bars, restaurants, LCBO and grocery locations in Ontario alone, Triple Bogey continues to exceed expectations with its unique focus on community and unmatched service to an industry they know well. With a variety of products now available and thriving all across Ontario, growing in parts of western Canada, a newly established retail presence in PEI, plus pending announcements of additional Eastern Canadian provinces, demand continues to outpace expectation.

Keep on rolling.

Firmly entrenched as ‘Golf’s go-to-beer’, connection with the golf industry, and fierce loyalty of its consumer base, Triple Bogey continues to grow and expand year over year across borders and retail channels.

“Golf’s beer on a golf course. Golf’s drinks at a golf club. These sell themselves. It’s an absolute gimme,” – consensus opinion among Food & Beverage Managers. A sentiment anyone who has witnessed what a fun and irreverent golf brand can do for business on a golf course will attest.


About Triple Bogey Brewing Company:
Founded in 2014, the Triple Bogey Brewing Company has been a huge success both on and off the course. Inspired by golf and designed for the masses, Triple Bogey lagers feature Aurora and Perle hops that bring out a slight citrus flavour, while maintaining a refreshingly light and universally approved taste. Add a Hard Lime Seltzer, the crazy popular Half & Half Hard Lemonade & Iced Tea to the mix and, new for 2023, the Classic Transfusion and you have a family of ready to drink beverages for the fairways and perfect on the patios. Triple Bogey’s cans and kegs are sold at over 400 golf courses across Ontario, Canada’s largest province, in addition to being served in excess of 800 locations; bars, restaurants, indoor golf facilities, driving ranges, and participating retail outlets. Expansion across Canada is underway.

Triple Bogey Classic Transfusions are available now.

The Triple Bogey family includes:

  • Triple Bogey Blonde Lager (Original)
  • Triple Bogey Blonde Light
  • Triple Bogey Amber
  • Triple Bogey Hard Seltzer (Lime)
  • Hurry Hard Amber Lager (seasonal winter beer dedicated to Curlers / curling)
  • Triple Bogey Half & Half Lemonade & Iced Tea
  • Triple Bogey Classic Transfusion
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