Geoff and Megan Tait
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Pouring passion into what we love.

Full hearts. Full Cups. Good Friends. #Cheers.

Founded in 2014 by Geoff Tait (the guy who brought you Quagmire Golf) and wife Megan, the Triple Bogey Brewing Company has come a long way since cracking and crushing that very first can.

Triple Bogey Family of Beverages

Year over year growth. Surpassed 5.6M cans sold in 2023. A loyal community of repeat consumers –> #betterhitanother. All signs of products golfers love.  And perfect market fit.

2023 was Triple Bogey’s biggest year to date. The brand’s unique brand of beverages are now served at over 400 Golf Courses and in excess of 800 locations; including bars, restaurants, indoor golf facilities, driving ranges, LCBO and Grocery outlets. Alongside their family of refreshingly original favourites, the debut of Half & Half Hard Lemonade & Iced Tea crushed all expectations while the 2023 launch of the Classic Transfusion took things to another level -proving history can repeat itself.

Headquartered in Toronto and brewed in London Ontario, Triple Bogey is locally concentrated but with demand at an all-time high has established distribution partners across Canada and begun to find the fairways (and more friends) in B.C., Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba. 2023 saw Triple Bogey make waves on the east coast and is now in Nova Scotia (including Cabot), PEI, and Newfoundland & Labrador.

Triple Bogey offers 3 year round full flavoured Lagers (Blonde, Light, Amber) in addition to a Non-Alcoholic option. Hard Lime Seltzer entered the mix 2020, while Half & Half Hard Lemonade & Iced Tea made its crazy popular debut in 2022. 2023 was all about Transfusions as golf’s iconic cocktail crushed it on and off the course. Continuing to roll, 2024 brings a Cranberry Transfusion and Signature Azalea as Triple Bogey becomes home to Golf’s Iconic Cocktails. And let’s not forget that sensational seasonal brew, say it loud –> Hurry Hard!, for those winter crazed curling enthusiasts – who knew there were so many.

Learn more about our beers and beverage options under our DRINKS SECTION. Better yet, order some up and give Triple Bogey a try. We think you’ll be impressed. And probably hooked 😉

Cheers to the journey. And the seemingly endless number of good times, magical moments, and great friends we’ve encountered along the way.

​Not a Beer Drinker? Triple Bogey is home to iconic ready-to-drink cocktails.

Golf's iconic cocktails, Ready-To-Drink, and ready to roll.

Triple Bogey Transfusion Vodka Beverage

Classic Transfusion

Golf's Iconic Cocktail

A modern spin on the Country Club Classic
Triple Bogey transfusions blend a celebrated mix of refreshing flavours sure to vitalize the spirit.

Over 500,000 cans crushed in 2023!

Classic Transfusion

Cranberry Transfusion

NEW FOR 2024

Another ‘berry tasty modern spin on the Country Club Classic
Triple Bogey transfusions blend a celebrated mix of refreshing flavours sure to vitalize the spirit.

Perfectly ok to call it a #Cranfusion

This changes everything.

Cranberry Transfusion
Triple Bogey Transfusion Vodka Beverage
Triple Bogey Signature Azalea

Signature Azalea

NEW FOR 2024

A modern twirl on a Southern Classic
Triple Bogey’s Signature Azalea blends a bold bloom of refreshing flavours sure to excite the senses.

A blooming tradition like no other.


Half & Half Hard Lemonade & Iced Tea

Gimme That Sunshine

A modern twist on a timeless classic
Triple Bogey Half & Half Hard Lemonade & Iced Tea embodies a bold blend of iconic flavours sure to refresh the senses. #TeaOneUp

Half & Hallf

We know how much you love to play so we’re brewing beverages that are perfectly fit for the fairways. Whether you’re cruising up the 18th or relaxing on the patio after a round, a Triple Bogey has never been so easy to swallow.

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