Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Triple Bogey is sold at the LCBO as well as select Agency and Grocery Stores. It is also served at many Bars, Restaurants, and Indoor Golf Facilities.

Use our convenient online locator to find a stockist in your area.

Where To Buy

We do our best to assist and support events and tournaments. This can include onsite event support, prizing, promotions, etc.
Note: It is impossible for us to accommodate all requests but we encourage requests. Please provide details –> date, venue, and requirements. We also ask that you check with the hosting venue to determine whether they carry our products.

Sponsor Inquiry

You can purchase Triple Bogey branded merchandise directly through our online store. Apparel, accessories, drinkware, and more.

Note: Certain items are only offered in limited quantities and or limited times so please circle back often. Even better,  SUBSCRIBE to our mailing list to ensure you’re always in the loop.

Shop Online

We do / will work with partners and influencers for brand activation initiatives as well as community engagement. Additional information can be found on our WORK WITH US page.

Work With Us

Triple Bogey drinkers absolutely love new locations. For additional information on how to carry our products, please visit our VENDOR page.

Carry Our Products

Currently we do not offer Home / Direct Delivery but this may change so please make sure you are subscribed to our newsletter to be informed.


About Our Drinks

Triple Bogey is brewed in London, Ontario.

We’r very proud to say Triple Bogey is available across Canada. We’re adding locations every week.

If your favourite course or bar / restaurant is not currently carrying our products, please discuss with them directly. They reach out to us. We’ll get the party started.

  • Triple Bogey Blonde | Light | Amber are available in 473ml Tall Cans as well as 50L and 20L Kegs.
  • Triple Bogey Half & Half Hard Lemonade & Iced Tea is available in 355ml Slim Cans as well as 50L & 20L Kegs.
  • Triple Bogey Non-Alcoholic is available in 355ml Cans.
  • Triple Bogey Hard Seltzer (Lime) is available in 473ml Tall Cans
  • Hurray Hard Amber Lager (Seasonal) is available in 473ml Tall Cans as well as 50L and 20L Kegs.

Our drinks are available for purchase in 24 pack quantities. It is also available on tap at many of our locations. Use our Store Locator to find availability nearest you.

  • Triple Bogey Blonde – 195 Calories | 15g Carbs
  • Triple Bogey Light – 136 Calories | 7g Carbs
  • Triple Bogey Amber – 197 Calories | 15g Carbs
  • Triple Bogey Non-Alcoholic – 60 Calories | 10g | Carbs | 2g Sugar
  • Triple Bogey Hard Seltzer (Lime) – 140 Calories | 1g Carbs | 1g Sugar
  • Triple Bogey Vidal Blanc (White Wine) – 7g Sugar
  • Hurray Hard Amber Lager – 197 Calories | 15g Carbs