Fit for the fairways. Perfect on the patio.

Founded in 2014 by Geoff Tait, the same guy behind Quagmire Golf, Triple Bogey has come a long way since crushing its first can. Year over year growth, more than 3M cans sold by 2021, in excess of 800 locations, and a loyal community of repeat consumers - are all signs of a premium product and perfect market fit.

Alongside their family of favourites, the introduction of Half & Half Hard Lemonade & Iced Tea crushed all expectations, proving history can repeat itself. Headquartered in Toronto and brewed in London Ontario, Triple Bogey is locally focused but with demand at an all-time high has established distribution partners and begun to make inroads into B.C,. Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba.


Q: Secret ingredient to the brand’s success?

GT: (Laughs) No sleep? Well, it’s a combination of things I suppose. Starts with a product consumers will love. We did a lot of research and rigorous taste testing to ensure we have beers and now RTD beverages that are ideally suited to the fairways. Light, refreshing, easy drinking. The type of drinks golfers crave on a hot day. And then there’s the relationship aspect. In addition to our connection to the market. We know golf. We live and breathe it  And with that comes a deep understanding of what our friends at the courses and clubs need from us. Whether it’s the GM, Club Pro, Food & Beverage Manager, or servers our team is there to add value and actively support them. Other brands just can’t do that. We sponsor leagues, support events, assist with signage, are active in the socials, and perform all sorts of experiential marketing objectives to ensure consumers always enjoy an over par experience.

Q: You are up against some big players, yet continue to grow?

GT: We are. And we know it. But I’ve always believed in the power of people and community. What they have in marketing budgets we make up for by connecting with people on a personal level. Being hyper-focused really resonates in today’s customer-centric climate. We don’t pay for play, we earn it. We’re incentivized to help grow the game and our community is extremely loyal to the brand and the locations that carry it. A good customer once told me that once the word gets out, the product sells itself. Not much more we could ask for.

Q: What’s next?

GT: Continue to roll. Courses and clubs are really crushing it in Ontario. So we’re working with agencies to help us replicate that success in other provinces. At this stage, it’s a proven product and business model so we feel there’s lots of opportunity. Half & Half was absolutely huge for us this season so we may look at other RTD (Ready to Drink) options as well. Stay tuned.


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