Source: Score Golf   |   Author: Rick Young

Half & Half Hard Lemonade & Iced Tea latest from Toronto company.

Triple Bogey Brewing Company started delivering its new Half & Half Hard Lemonade & Iced Tea this week.

Amid the game’s cultural vernacular, that beverage is referred to as an Arnold Palmer, a concoction of two-thirds iced tea and one-third lemonade the King made famous in the 1960s.

Triple Bogey’s new canned version is proportioned closer to 50-50 and features an added kick of ‘hard’ lemonade at five per cent alcohol by volume.

And it’s in high demand.

The Toronto-based craft beer company has already sold and shipped more Half & Half Hard Lemonade & Iced Tea in two weeks than an entire 2021 season’s worth of its Triple Bogey canned wine.

With food and beverage operations at golf courses across Canada expected to return to a sense of normalcy this year, Triple Bogey’s latest product has quickly become a hot ticket item.

“People across the industry pre-ordered it like crazy,” said Geoff Tait, the company founder and president in a phone interview. “I’ve had some golf clubs pre-booking 20 cases and it’s only April. Once we get to June, I feel like those same courses might be ordering 50 or 60 cases. It’s definitely created some buzz across the industry.”

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